3 Reasons to Use Massage to Deal with Post Workout Soreness

Massage your Post-Workout Soreness

We’re all familiar with the aching pain that can follow an intense work out session. It can really affect your performance and overall mood!

Have you ever wondered why that intense discomfort happens or how to better deal with it?

The technical term for that feeling is DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. Starting a new physical routine, using a new work out tool or increasing the intensity of your workout are all situations that can lead to post-workout muscle soreness.

It happens because microscopic muscle tears occur within your muscle fibers when they’re under stress that they’re not used to. It can happen to anybody, regardless of their activity level or fitness expertise.

Did you know that massage is a highly effective tool for dealing with post workout soreness?

Many people are under the impression that massage has the tendency to be rough on muscles and not beneficial to healing after working out, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Gentle massage such as a Swedish massage is absolutely perfect!

A great masseuse will listen to your direction if something is uncomfortable. Massage is advantageous for the body, mind, and spirit, especially for those who are often active.

Here are three reasons why you should seriously consider using massage to deal with post-workout soreness in the future.

Reduces inflammation

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The microscopic muscle tears that occur during workouts happen to be the catalyst for the inflammation that drives that painful feeling.

In one study, biopsies were taken from active subjects after an intense workout, as well as after a massage session.

It showed that massage reduced the production of inflammation causing compounds within the muscle fibers while simultaneously encouraging the production of mitochondria.

Relieves tension physically and mentally

Most of us have at least one source of stress in our life! Often times, that’s why most of us work out in addition to improving our health and wellness.

A massage session is a great tool because it also helps to relieve tension within the body and mind. During a massage, you are completely relaxed and able to fully focus in the present moment.

The therapeutic touch of a professional masseuse is able to relieve tension in a matter of seconds. A post workout massage also helps by flushing out lymphatic drainage that has the tendency to build up.

Aids in rest and recovery

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Not only does massage reduce inflammation, but it also increases blood flow which aids in reproduction of cells.

This includes increasing the circulation of white blood cells in the body which aids your immune system.

This helps your muscles recover and heal, which makes them acclimate better to increased intensity during your next work out. It’s a lot healthier for your body in the long run than just heading to the medicine to take a pain reliever!


So, before you go straight to the pain reliever, consider booking a professional massage with a local masseuse to relieve some of that post workout muscle soreness.

It is an investment into your health, but it is one that will help aid in your recovery and give you peace of mind. At the end of the day, that’s pretty priceless!


Author Bio:

Elliot has been active in the fitness community for years. Their most recent venture in the industry has been as a fitness writer for Gunsmith Fitness, a supplier of weight lifting wrist straps and more.

They hope to pass down some of the wisdom and information they’ve gained over the years to those seeking guidance.

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