Aliyah Davis

Aaliyah CompleteBody Trainer

After a successful athletic career, Aliyah Davis decided to join the Fitness Industry and became a personal trainer. She currently resides in New York and has always had a passion for fitness. 
She was a track and field sprinter for over 10 years. Aliyah developed a love for strength training in college and pursued a B.S. in Kinesiology. 
In her spare time she enjoys exploring the city, shopping, and cooking. 
Aliyah takes pride in creating unique and individualized workouts that challenge her clients, but also making it fun and effective. She enjoys bringing knowledge to others and transforming her client’s physique through exercise, nutrition and discipline. Aliyah understands the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and practices optimal health in her own life.


  • Certified personal trainer – ISSA


  • Strength Training
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