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We have some BIG news for fans of HIIT workouts… We’re excited to announce the launch of the next evolution of CBXT: CBXTreme! The high-intensity interval classes you know and love are being turned to include a brand new dimension to your workout… Spinning!

Our CBXT classes have proven hugely popular over the years, but we’re keen to keep pushing ourselves (and our participants!) to be even better. By shifting gears and incorporating indoor cycling into the mix, we hope to create a fun yet effective way of working out. But best of all, our new-style class torches even more calories as well as challenging you in new ways.

Why Are We Launching CBXTreme?

Our original CompleteBody facility reopened after Hurricane Sandy devastated lower Manhattan. Along with the rebuilding of CompleteBody 10 Hanover we also launched the innovative CompleteBody Xross Training (CBXT).

HIIT workout in Downtown

Over the next few years we developed our very own signature HIIT class. Based on the principles of Tabata training, we combine timed intervals with active recovery to create the most effective workout possible. In recent years we incorporated feedback from our members and expanded our program offering to include videos and heart rate training. We’re always striving to improve and optimize workouts for our participants, so we’re excited to tell you about the next development…

Our Core CBXT Principles

CBXT stands for CompleteBody Xross Training and is a timed program of high intensity interval training. It consists of six stations with two exercises per station so there’s plenty of variety and every muscle group is targeted. Each exercise is performed twice for 45 seconds each, with a 15 second rest in between. After you’ve completed both exercises it’s time to transition to the next station where you perform an active rest activity before commencing the next exercises.

We love to mix things up so our stations feature a huge range of different exercises and activities. Most center around the Queenax Bridge and include the TRX suspension trainer, medicine balls, pull ups, kettle bells, ab dollies and a rebounder. We also get you to work with agility ladders, cones, rowing machines, and dumbbells for maximal results in a short amount of time.

Best Downtown Gym Workout

We combine all of this equipment with expert guidance from a specialist Personal Trainer. They ensure that every exercise is performed with perfect form and muscle activation, so you get a truly effective and personalized workout. Plus everything is monitored via your very own personal heart rate monitor that’s included in your class rate. Our participants burn up to 1000 calories per session!

How is CBXTreme Different?

CBXTreme is the latest addition to the already popular CBXT workout. Not only is it a full hour of high intensity interval training, but it includes Spinning too! The workout space is transformed with the room nearly doubling in square footage once the walls are rolled back, revealing our interconnected Spin bike room.

We utilize an immersive virtual movie screen combined with a circuit between each room to create an extreme version of CBXT. Participants jump on their pre-set bikes for their first round on bikes then transition to one round on the floor, after completing their first round on the floor they jump back on the bike for an out of seat climb, jump and sprint. By the end of our new-style class you’ll have torched your calorie count and pushed your cardiovascular system like never before!

Why Is It So Effective?

CBXT is a unique workout that hits every area of your body from head to toe. Unlike other types of group exercise classes it provides a high level of variety and never repeats the same workout twice. Most of our movements involve activating your core and keeping your heart rate up, which burns a huge amount of calories and gives you the most effective workout around.

CBXT workout

CBXT is a total body workout that combines high intensity intervals, cardio, and core work. It also includes our signature cool down and meditation, so you leave the class exhausted yet completely relaxed. What makes CBXT really effective is that it creates what is known as ‘Excess Post Oxygen Consumption’ or EPOC. In a nutshell this means that you continue to burn calories well beyond the end of your workout, usually for another 24-36 hours after finishing.

What could be better than burning calories for 45 or 60 minutes?
How about burning calories for 36 hours after your CBXT experience?
This is what we call the CBXT aftereffect.

Let’s Talk Details…

Although CBXTreme nearly doubles the size of our studio, we’re still keeping our participant numbers down to 15 in each room. This allows our instructors to give each and every participant the personal attention they deserve.

By adding Spinning as a calorie-torching addition, we’re taking your workouts up a notch so you can expect even faster results. Every attendee receives a complimentary heart rate monitor to use in the class. Plus, we now have tablets at each station which demonstrate all of our exercises continuously.

Our exercise library contains almost 1000 exercises, and we’re constantly updating and adding new ones. The ever-changing classes, huge variety of movements, and epic music playlists mean you’ll never get bored of working out!

Are you ready to join in? Sign up here.

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