Personal Training

The CompleteBody system focuses on enhancing the body through a collaboration of elements, all essential achieving health through wellness. Our personal trainers are leaders in their perspective fields, often holding advanced degrees and certified by some of the most respected health and wellness institutions. They create programs that are safe, effective and enjoyable for everyone.

Adriana Salgado CompleteBody Personal Trainer

Adriana Salgado

Bio: With over 10 years of personal training experience and a National Stage Tango Champion title, Adriana brings passion and ...
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Alex Mihailescu - CompleteBody Trainer

Alex Mihailescu

Bio: It's hard to catch an open hour with this former world champion track and field athlete. Alex has worked ...
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Ayden Robinson

Bio: With an eye for detail behind the camera and on the gym floor, Adyen is passionate about precision. She ...
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Ammad Fahad - CompleteBody Personal Trainer

Ammad Fahad

Bio: If you are serious about strength training and bodybuilding, Ammad is the trainer for you. He has taken his ...
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Kirk Palmer - CompleteBody Personal Trainer

Kirk Palmer

Bio: Layered like a parfait, Kirk is a multifaceted trainer, in and out of the gym. By always challenging himself, ...
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Betzy Avila CompleteBody Trainer

Betzy Avila

Bio: I have been in the Fitness industry since 2006. I started my fitness career teaching group classes and working ...
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Akeem Scott - CompleteBody Personal Trainer

Akeem Scott

Bio: Driven by his competitive edge, this IFBB Pro Men's Physique Champion is no stranger to a challenge. Akeem has ...
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Jonathan Larson

Bio: As a former MLB Strength and Conditioning coach, Johnny leaves no room for error with his clients’ success. He ...
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Thomas Canenstraro

Bio: With over 20 years of coaching experience and two World Kickboxing Championships it's a fight to get in this ...
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JI completeBody Personal Trainer

JI Moquete

Bio: Known as a Jedi Master, this former Marine Corp Sergeant turned to Mixed Martial Arts to find the force ...
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Ethan Fairbank

Bio: With a knack for the mountain tops, this life long skier has excelled at traversing clientele onto well balanced ...
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Emilio Gomez

Bio: Emilio's secret weapons to keeping clients committed to their goals, are his positive laid back attitude combined with a ...
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Dan O'Brien - CompleteBody Personal Trainer

Dan O’Brien

Bio: Dan sees every client as an all star. As Director of Sports Medicine for the NBA Players Association, he ...
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