Complete Climb is always pushing boundaries, which is why this rockwall experience fits right in with your CBXT and Barbell Classes.  The class is open to all levels of climbers, so whether its your first time or you have been climbing for a while you will have the guidance you need to succeed.  It includes instruction on climbing technique for top rope, scaling and bouldering on our current routes, with climbing and belaying protocol review with our certified belay instructor.  We provide the equipment and keep the classes small, so each attendee gets the attention they need to advance!  

CBXT is a multiple station semi-private circuit training session. Each station has two exercises performed for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in-between, followed by an active recovery exercise between stations. Every minute is designed for efficiency, so it is obvious why people get hooked after one class.

Barbell is a fast-paced workout that’s specifically designed to get you in top shape.  It’s a 45 min full-body intense workout which is programmed to hit all the major muscle groups, so you truly get a complete workout.


Since it only uses a barbell and plates, you have space to move without the clutter of other strength training classes.  

Special offer!

You’ll never know until you try!