CompleteBody Personal Trainer Spotlight: Ethan Fairbank

What makes one personal trainer stand out from others? At CompleteBody, our employees and trainers are changing lives every single day and we enjoy recognizing them as professionals and people. Check out our spotlight interview below with Ethan Fairbank, one of our personal trainers, to get to know him a little better.

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Personal Trainer Spotlight: Getting to Know Ethan Fairbank

Five Fast Facts

We asked Ethan to give us five facts about him to kick this interview off. He wasn’t able to do it in 30 seconds, but we let it slide. Here’s what he told us.

  1. Relationships come first. My relationships with my clients are the most important thing to me. When I first started as a personal trainer, I thought it was going to be about results but it’s much more about relationships than I thought.
  2. He values movement over mirrors. Training is more movement based than cosmetics. I can design a program for someone who wants big biceps and a big chest, but if I can design a program that helps someone move without pain is my ideal.
  3. He’s quite tall. I’m enormously tall, about 6’6″ (Do we need to say anything else about this? No.)
  4. He hails from a tiny town. I’m from a very small town and very rural Massachusetts. Hancock, MA. About 75 people in the town.

Skiing is his fave. I grew up downhill ski racing. Still, ski to this day.

Personal Trainer Ethan

Ethan’s Backstory

Personal training comes with some perks – getting to help people reach their goals is a major one. We wanted to dig a little deeper with Ethan to find out why he chose to be a personal trainer over other career paths. So we asked him to tell us more about his decision.

I went to Provincetown, On the Cape, Massachusetts with my husband, Mike, 6 years ago. We usually go for 2 weeks in June and ride bikes. I remember thinking, “this is my happiness.”

At the time, I was working for Oakley and had already worked there for 8 or 9 years. I felt like my time with retail was beginning to expire. There were people who made a living out of helping people exercise. So, when we came back, I started looking around and trying to make it happen. It was more challenging than I thought it was going to be, though.

To get started, I enrolled in the Focus Personal Training Institute here in NYC. I took classes while I was in working in interior design. Basically, I was taking evening and weekend classes. That left no time, honestly. It was difficult to get through. I remember having dark moments, and I would talk to my brother to get some insight and support. He said, “when things are the most challenging, that’s when you’re growing.” He was right.

It was tough, but it was the best thing I’ve done for myself.

Fitness Regimen – How Ethan Works Out

How does a personal trainer work out? We were curious, so we asked Ethan to share his own fitness regimen with us!

Q. What’s your personal fitness regimen?

A. Essentially, my regimen consists of three things: ⅓ resistance training, ⅓ pilates & Yoga, and ⅓ cardiovascular conditioning. I try and take a balanced approach. The regimen changes during the seasons, too, especially the cardiovascular workouts. In the summer, spring, or fall, I enjoy bike riding. In the winter, I ski or take group fitness classes.

For resistance training, I like to bench press, squats, deadlifts, etc.

Q. How do you approach your workouts?

A. I look for the positive. I look for the silver lining before the workout. This is true for me as well as when I work with my clients. Additionally, I focus on movements rather than cosmetics, and when I do that, my physique improves.

When I first started training, I focused a lot on appearances. The thing is, what’s “in style” as far as cosmetics – chest, arms, glutes, etc. – it’s always changing. You can’t really keep up with it. So I removed myself from that and focused on mobility and movement.

Q. What’s on your workout playlist?

A. Pandora is good for helping me sort through music options. Music keeps me moving on most days. The thing about music is that it can impact your mood, and therefore, your workout. If music is happy, it’s going to drive you, same as if you’re in a deep, dark mood and listening to similar music.

On my playlist:

Most of the time, I’m jamming out to Maceo Plex
Pilates & Yoga: Lucent & Embrace Audiovisual Couture kowe Six Vol. 1

Personal Trainer Nutrition – Food & Supplements

Q. Talk to us about food and supplements.

A. First of all, I eat like a horse. I don’t do the protein shakes and energy drinks, and I try to eat as organically as possible. I also don’t count calories or regulate them as some people do. The thing for me is that I just try not to let myself get too hungry. To me, food is fuel. If it tastes good, great, but I eat lots of brown rice, chicken, and veggies.

I don’t take any supplements, because I get so much nutrition from my food. My diet consists of a good array of veggies in terms of color. Eating this way can get pricey, but it’s just always been my philosophy.

I actually learned quite a bit about cold press juicing when I came to CompleteBody, which has a full juice bar. When you cold press a vegetable, the nutrients get exposed to less oxygen. Oxygenation creates problems in traditional juicing, which is why it gets such a bad rap. But with cold-pressed juice, the body gets the nutrients the way it’s supposed to.

Thoughts on Gyms and Advice for Newbies

Before wrapping up the interview, we wanted to ask a burning question from a personal trainer’s perspective. A lot of people want to to know what’s so great about working out in a gym, so we asked Ethan.

Q. Why should people bother coming to a gym to workout?

A. Truthfully, gyms have a few things going for them that make coming to them worth the trek. Equipment is a huge factor. Most people don’t have the money to buy all of the various machines and weights that you can find in a gym. There’s the social dynamic, too. Interaction with other people motivates those who wouldn’t be as inclined to work out, otherwise. Amenities – home gyms don’t have them.

Some people may not get to a gym without a personal trainer or friends to hold them accountable. So the idea of working out at home sounds great but it just may not actually happen as often as someone thinks it will.

As for choosing a gym, the one thing I’d say is just to consider the location. Know your market, for sure.

Q. What advice do you have for people just starting out?

A. I have two pieces of advice. The first is to stay with it. We know it takes 3 weeks to adapt. After 3 weeks, it gets easier. Running, weight lifting, anything. If you’re not seeing the results right away, you’ve got to keep plugging away.

The second is to try to make it fun. Fitness should be a fun experience. That doesn’t mean we’re not gonna sweat or have valleys. We can have fun doing it, though.

Thank you, Ethan! If you have any questions for Ethan, feel free to leave a comment here or connect with him at

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