Steven Wiatrowski

Steven has competed in two NPC physique competitions, which means he is no stranger to training to “be your best.” After playing soccer and running track and field in high school, he transitioned to weight training in his early 20s. Steven takes a holistic approach to training, and believes in emphasizing health and wellness in all aspects of life in order to obtain the best results in and out of the weight room. In addition to weight training and preparing for physique competitions, he enjoys cross-training with cycling, kickboxing, swimming and yoga, and incorporates aspects of these into both his own workouts and those of his clients. Steven customizes each program based on the client’s needs, and “meets you where you are” in order to “get you where you want to be”


  •  NCSF


  • Olympic lifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Pre postnatal
  • Gymnastics
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