5 Of The Most Recommended Gym Workouts For Men

As a man, what are you looking for in your workout? What goals are you trying to hit and how are you going about it? When it comes to the best gym workouts for men, what qualifies that? We start by looking at pain points in existing fitness regimens, followed by results that are most common to men. Then we look at exercises men can use to gain improvements in their physique, testosterone, overall health, and energy level.

In one bodybuilding forum, some men suggest things like supplements and misinformation as a pain point, but several others note things like inertia, which is the tricky cycle that happens when you’re inactive for a while.

Among the other responses on pain points were having a consistent routine, just making the time to work out, hitting plateaus in workouts and not making progress with weight lifting, and not seeing results in the mirror after workout out so hard, for so long.

Another interesting response was around dealing with pre-lifting injuries and recovery from lifting, in general.

Desired Results: What do you want from your workout?

No one is going to police your goals or tell you what you should be trying to achieve. You want what you want out of a workout. Still, you should definitely start out by being fully committed. Set a goal to at least commit yourself long term. That means that if you get bored or hit plateaus, you don’t stop. You work through them.

Secondly, commit to tracking where you’re at now and your progress along the way. It’s easy to get caught up in your projection or perception of how something’s going. Better yet, look at the numbers. Stay objective.

Lastly, think about more than just physique. What’s interesting is that when you focus on movement, balance, and mobility, you’ll get better results than if you focus on physique alone. You’ll probably be happier with yourself, too.

Why do men hit plateaus or stop seeing results?

While a lot of different things can contribute to plateaus, one of the surest ways is to do the exact same thing every time you go to the gym. To avoid hitting plateaus, change your reps, and the order of your exercises. You should try adjusting how heavy or light you lift as well. The impact isn’t just on your body; it’s also on your mind and how you think about your workouts.

Besides just staying motivated and avoiding plateaus, men also need to consider testosterone and energy levels. Gym workouts for men do more than just build muscle. They’re critical for maintaining good cardiovascular and sound mental health and keeping levels of testosterone and testosterone production healthy.

To combat workout fatigue, develop a lean physique, and build testosterone, here are some of the tops recommended gym workouts for men who experience these pain points and more. Mix in a few of these workouts if you’ve hit a plateau and need to try something new, or if you’re just not seeing the results you expected to see.

The Top 5 Recommended Gym Workouts for Men

Gym workouts for men

No-Plateau Workout

This smart workout plan bases its success on the idea that how much you’re lifting each and every time you hit the gym should be balanced. According to the architects behind Men’s Fitness’ “No Plateau” workout plan, heavy lifting is about being practical, and your ego needs a check in order to do so.

Dubbed the “one-half plus one” method, this bench press, deadlift, shoulder press, and squat program is designed to get you lifting exactly what you should be lifting, but no more. If you want long-term results, you have to approach your workouts systematically. Following a pre-designed system like this gets you closer to your goals, avoids burnout and boredom, and keeps you focused.

Get the details of this workout here.

Testosterone Workout: Deadlifts

A solid deadlift workout gets you the physique you’re after, but do you know why? The amount of testosterone released into your bloodstream as you lift is one reason. Testosterone is a hormone you need to build muscle. It also has some insanely positive benefits like boosting your pride and self-image. If you can naturally increase your testosterone levels as opposed to increasing them with supplements, all the better.

Deadlifts work for several major muscle groups at the same time as well as stabilize your core and help you prevent injury (if you’re lifting correctly, of course).

Follow this 6-week deadlift workout plan if you need a break from the same routine (which leads to plateau) and want to see better results from your gym workouts.

For the V-Shape: Pull-up

One school of thought with gym workouts for men and workouts, in general, is that becoming overly concerned with your physique may cause you to become much less aware of movement and its impact. At the risk of over-generalizing, it may be true that as a whole, men who work out in the gym are on some level concerned with getting into a certain shape.

For many men, it’s that difficult to achieve V-shape – the broad shoulders, wide back, and the narrow waist – that creates a bit of an obsession. What’s interesting is that there are definitely some straightforward ways to get closer to it. No need to lose sleep trying to figure it out.

The pull-up uses just your bodyweight and if done correctly, is considered the best way to build up the muscles that get you this V-shape. It’s one of the most recommended exercises for men because of its simplicity and ability to get you into a better physique.

Overcome Boredom: HIIT

HIIT workouts like CompleteBody’s CBXT programs do a lot more than get your heart rate going. Tabata, one of the best forms of HIIT, builds muscle over time when strength and conditioning exercises are incorporated into it. For example, TRX push-ups and kettlebells can be folded into a HIIT routine and yield great results.

CBXT training also burns a massive amount of calories in a relatively short period of time and is a good way to break up your week. With CBXT, every time you come, the workout is different, because there are over 450 different exercises that get circulated through. It’s a program more men should take advantage of especially if what you’ve been doing isn’t getting you results.

Bodybuilder: Chest Workout

No list of the best gym workouts for men would be complete without a decent chest workout program. These workouts increase muscle mass in the pecs and arms. Another great thing about this list is that if you’re looking for something specific in your chest workout – more definition, more mass, or to alleviate a specific issue, there’s something for you.

Here are 6 different chest workouts, each developed with a unique goal. For beginners, check out Goal #3 which was designed to get your movement and technique solid.

Keep It Up

It’s challenging to work at something for months and not see results. When you get to a point where you really do not know how to improve, you have to great creative. The key is to get over the humps. Go back to the drawing board and apply some logic and practicality to your workout plans. It’s okay to mix things up and to challenge your body with a different approach. Before you throw in the towel completely, took a hard look at what you’ve been doing and why. If you can’t figure it out on your own, a personal trainer can help in the short term to get you over the hump.

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