JI Moquete

JI completeBody Personal Trainer


Known as a Jedi Master, this former Marine Corp Sergeant turned to Mixed Martial Arts to find the force within to help others. John-Ivan awakens clients with a holistic style of training; blending physical training with mental focus to create a spiritual experience in each of his sessions. Don’t let his cool, calm, and collected demeanor fool you, when you work with him, you are pushing your body and mind to the limits!


Complete by CompleteBody – Union Square


  • Former Sergeant United State Marine Corp
  • Deployment to Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Radical Mix Martial Art Fundamental Instructor


  • Mix Martial Art
  • Strength & Conditioning,
  • Power Resistance Training
  • HIIT
  • Metabolic Weight-Loss,
  • Tabata Circuit
  • Barbell Strength Training

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