Josdy Gonzalez

Josdy is an accomplished personal trainer hailing from Ecuador, known for her specialization and passion for powerlifting. With a profound understanding of the sport, Josdy has not only excelled in her personal powerlifting endeavors but also utilizes her expertise to help others reach their full potential. Her extensive knowledge of strength training and powerlifting techniques allows her to design customized training programs that cater to the unique needs and goals of her clients. Josdy’s dedication to the sport and her clients is evident through her own participation in powerlifting competitions, where she showcases her strength and determination. Her relentless drive, combined with her friendly and supportive demeanor, make her an ideal choice for individuals seeking to improve their strength, build muscle, and achieve remarkable results.


  •  NCSF
  • Crossfit level 2 certification


  • Olympic lifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Pre postnatal
  • Gymnastics
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