Ken Anthony

Ken Anthony Headshot

Ken began studying exercise science in 2003, while attaining a degree in Finance. After graduating he quickly realized that his passion was in the gym working with people and not in the corporate space. Since then he has coached clients in functional training, restorative flexibility, pre/post-natal, corrective/range-of-motion and self-defense modalities. 

Outside the fitness space, Ken is passionate about tech inclusion & education, mixed media art and literature


  • NASM-CPT, CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)
  • Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)
    Muscle Activation Technique (MAT Lvl. 2)
  • The Kika Method 


  • Corrective Exercise (injury prevention/rehab)
  • Restorative Flexibility
  • Perinatal Training
  • Special Populations
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