Luke Difucci

Luke was inspired to become a personal trainer because of my own personal experiences. Working out religiously in college allowed him to transform his body and also his mind! he used weights as an escape from everyday life stresses. A consistent routine of working out at 6AM six days a week allowed him to experience how discipline and hard work can change a person’s mind, body, and improve the ability to take on and deal with challenges. Luke became a personal trainer to inspire people to take their body and life to the next level. Luke believe we as humans are truly unaware of what we are capable of accomplishing. His training style can be best described as intention-focused body composition transformation. his goal as a personal trainer is to help clients accomplish a feeling of fulfillment in and outside of the gym, getting in the best shape of their life not only physically but mentally too!


  • ISSA


  • Strength an conditioning
  • Muscle awareness
  • Strength training
  • Body building
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