Success in Three Easy Steps


No individual is created equally. In order to create a sound nutrition program, we will take into account the following parameters to ensure success.

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test – a snapshot of how many calories your body requires which can be influenced by several factors including age, genetics, exercise routines, and eating habits.
  • Heart Rate Zone Analysis – helps calculate your heart rate zones so you can exercise more effectively and efficiently.
  • Body Composition Assessment – includes circumferences, skin folds, and body weight to give us a full analysis of your baseline measures.


  • The second step is when your Exercise Physiologist develops your customized program to specifically help you reach your personal goals. The program includes both a nutritional and supplemental component.
  • You will receive a meal plan that includes recipes to make the desired food, quantities, portion sizes, meal timing in order to supply your body with what it needs to meet your desired goals.
  • Guidelines are provided based on your current eating habits and any special dietary needs. Cardiovascular and resistance training recommendations are provided along with the diet plan to ensure success.
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  • The last step is all about you! You now have your personalized program with all the tools and information to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.
  • Throughout the next few months, you’ll receive unlimited support and scheduled check-ins as your program continues to progress to keep you challenged and on track.

Nutrition Assessment

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