losing weight

How to Lose Weight After 40

Like everything else to do with your health, keeping a hold on your weight gets more and more difficult as you get older. There’s a few reasons for this. First of all, your metabolism begins to slow down as you age, which means that dietary habits which may have kept you slim won’t have that […]


How To Use Exercise To Relieve Stress

Since we are surrounded by constant hustle and bustle of the outside world, it is no wonder that even little things can trigger bad mood, agitation, and stress. We are all well aware that regular exercising has numerous positive benefits, from losing weight and gaining muscles to improving your well-being and boosting your immune system. […]


Healthy Habits In 2019

January signifies a fresh start filled with more chances to learn and develop new habits for the rest of the year. Staying healthy should be at the top of your list, so we’ve put together some habits to implement in the new year! What do you plan on doing this year for yourself? Drink more […]

Central Park

Top Places in New York for an Outdoor Workout

Exercising outdoors doesn’t only make for a fun activity; it’s also a good (and inexpensive) way to keep fit. Gyms have many benefits, but there’s nothing like exercising outdoors—the constant change in the environment can test your body in different ways. Good thing NYC is also full of parks where you can do all sorts […]

Manhattan Workout

5 Tips To Actually Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again… The time when we start thinking about New Year’s resolutions, and whether we should make them. Perhaps it’s the over-indulgence from parties and family meals, or the idea of new beginnings that makes us want to change our habits. Or maybe it’s the combination of both that create the ‘perfect […]

Resistance band exercises

6 Muscle-Building Resistance Band Exercises

Looking for a way to incorporate resistance training into your workout without heavy weights? Resistance band exercises build muscle and provide a full body workout when used in the right ways. Like bodyweight exercise, they can be easier for beginners to start getting more resistance training without barbells and dumbbells. For many people, resistance band […]

Manhattan Gym

Why Celebs Love Working Out at this Manhattan Gym

Celebrities can be choosy when it comes to places they go for fitness. So when celebrities tend to frequent a Manhattan gym, we think it’s worth talking about. Fortunately for us, several celebrities choose CompleteBody as the place to train (see our list of celebrity guests below). What makes our Manhattan Gyms a celeb favorite? […]

Personal trainer

CompleteBody Personal Trainer Spotlight: Ethan Fairbank

What makes one personal trainer stand out from others? At CompleteBody, our employees and trainers are changing lives every single day and we enjoy recognizing them as professionals and people. Check out our spotlight interview below with Ethan Fairbank, one of our personal trainers, to get to know him a little better. CompleteBody Personal Training […]

Make workouts less boring

Workout Hacks: 12 Ideas That Make Workouts Less Boring

A boring workout routine could undermine your fitness goals and make it that much more difficult to stay on track. For some people, just committing to a workout schedule is hard enough. Mundane routines make it that much easier to choose not to work out, even when you know you should. That’s why you should […]

Increase flexibility

Increase Flexibility In 10 Minutes A Day Without Pain

The CompleteBody approach to fitness is comprised of 6 Essential Elements: Strength, Flexibility, Cardio, Nutrition, Meditation and Rest. Here we highlight flexibility, why it’s an integral part of your health and how to improve it. Many people struggle to increase flexibility in their bodies due to pain, extreme stiffness in the ligaments, tendons, and muscles, […]