Central Park

Top Places in New York for an Outdoor Workout

Exercising outdoors doesn’t only make for a fun activity; it’s also a good (and inexpensive) way to keep fit. Gyms have many benefits, but there’s nothing like exercising outdoors—the constant change in the environment can test your body in different ways. Good thing NYC is also full of parks where you can do all sorts […]

Morning Exercise

Morning Workouts: 9 Easy Exercises to Get Moving

Sunrise in Sutton Square Park. Image Credit: Global Jet/flickr People tend to fall into one of two camps: (a) morning people and (b) everyone else. If you’re in the “everyone else” category, we get it. Morning workouts don’t sound enticing. Regardless of how you feel about mornings, though, many of us don’t have a choice: […]

Hector Guadalupe

Much More Than Fitness: Spotlight on Hector Guadalupe & A Second U

If Hector Guadalupe had chosen any other path in life, no one would have blamed him. Becoming a personal trainer, business owner, and non-profit organization founder wasn’t an obvious pathway for someone with Hector’s background and circumstances. But in hindsight, it might not have happened any other way. You could say it was an inspiration, […]