The Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Women

Some days, our lack of energy makes it almost impossible for us to give our all during a workout. This lack of energy may be the reason for our loss of motivation at the gym and lack of improved performance. Luckily, just like your morning coffee gets you through a hard day at work, there are supplements that you can take to boost your performance at the gym.

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For those who have not caught on yet, I am talking about pre-workout supplements. These supplements are meant to enhance your workout performance by boosting your energy and endurance while also improving your concentration. Pre-workouts are usually packaged in a powdered drink mix that can be consumed as a beverage when combined with water. Generally, a pre-workout supplement is made up of a combination of B vitamins, caffeine, and antioxidants. If you’ve ever searched online to find a good pre-workout supplement or if you ever made your way into your local supplement store, the sheer volume of pre-workout supplements offered probably overwhelmed you. With so many pre-workout supplements available, it’s hard to decide which type is best for you. Luckily, there are a few key ingredients that make some pre-workout supplements more effective than others. To help you out in your selection process, we compiled a list of the five best pre-workout supplements for women to maximize training performance and results. Enjoy!



With only 10 calories, two grams of carbs, and zero grams of sugar per serving, this is a great pre-workout supplement for those looking to build lean muscle while simultaneously burning fat. How it works: if taken 20 to 30 minutes before your workout, the caffeine in this supplement will boost your energy while keeping you focused during your training. The supplements come in three flavors: Cherry Limeade, Guava Passion, and Raspberry Lemonade. Read customer reviews for this product to find out if it’s right for you.

2. Labrada’s Jamie Eason Stimulant Free Pre Workout

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This pre-workout is stimulant-free and a good choice for those who are easily affected by caffeine. Since this supplement does not contain caffeine, you won’t have to worry about feeling jittery after taking it. The presence of Citrulline in this formula will help you achieve peak power production throughout your workout. The product also contains Tyrosine, a powerful amino acid that helps your body better deal with the stress that it’s subjected to during an intense workout. This pre-workout supplement comes in two flavors: Orange Mango and Raspberry Lemonade. Take the supplement thirty minutes before hitting the gym for optimal results.

3. Energy Angel

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For those looking to get an energy boost without consuming extra calories, this pre-workout supplement is ideal for you! Energy Angel is a supplement specifically designed for women, and it has zero calories per serving. With 225 milligrams of caffeine per serving, this supplement will help you power through even the most intense of workouts. The main ingredient in this pre-workout is Betaine Anhydrous, a compound that is naturally occurring in beets. Betaine Anhydrous has been shown to increase power output at the gym, increase an individual’s capacity to perform anaerobic exercise, and it may also help reduce body fat tissue. The supplement comes in a Pina Colada flavor.

4. Ignite by FitMiss

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Another pre-workout supplement specifically designed for women, this formula promises to help turn your fat stores into energy that you can use to take your workout to the next level. One of the main ingredients found in this pre-workout is Beta-Alanine, an amino acid that has been demonstrated to increase strength, stamina, and blood flow when taken before a workout. This supplement contains zero calories, zero sugar, and only one gram of carbs per serving. The pre-workout comes in a Fruit Punch or Strawberry Margarita flavor.

5.  JYM Supplement Science

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This pre-workout is great because the label clearly lists the amount of each ingredient that it contains without obscurely listing “proprietary blends” as an ingredient, like so many other pre-workout manufacturers. This pre-workout contains BCAA’s, a blend of essential amino acids that help your body preserve muscle glycogen stores that fuel your muscles and minimize protein breakdown during exercise. Caffeine is the only energy-boosting stimulant that this formula includes, giving you a boost of energy without the negative side effects that come with other stimulants. The pre-workout offers a variety of different flavors, including Black Cherry, Natural Island Punch, Strawberry Kiwi, Refreshing Melon, Cherry Limeade, and more.

Although pre-workout supplements can be effective at helping you push through a tough training session, when it comes to achieving your dream body, nothing substitutes a healthy diet or a strategically-designed training program.

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