Top Places in New York for an Outdoor Workout

Exercising outdoors doesn’t only make for a fun activity; it’s also a good (and inexpensive) way to keep fit.

Gyms have many benefits, but there’s nothing like exercising outdoors—the constant change in the environment can test your body in different ways. Good thing NYC is also full of parks where you can do all sorts of exercise. So with that in mind, here are a few you can choose from:

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Nothing compares to a good workout session out in the fresh clean air, something you can enjoy at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Not only will you be able to workout in peace, but you can also enjoy breathtaking views of the Manhattan Skyline. Over 3,000 people join workout sessions at the bridge park, which include ballet, dance, aerobics, Zumba, and yoga. The New York Post notes that paid classes are also available in other Brooklyn parks, like Joanna Paterson’s The Connective Project in Prospect Park.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is well known for its free summer yoga, headed by the best yoga teachers in the city.

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are often attended by up to 1,000 people. If you want something more intense, you can join The Rise NYC, which is a community-driven pop-up fitness group that focuses on bodyweight exercises in their workout programs.

Central Park

This is the big one. Central Park is practically a sports center in its own right. Fitness fanatics can play tennis, baseball and softball, basketball, football, and volleyball in designated areas.

For those who want a more traditional workout, the park has multiple yoga and fitness classes as well as being the best location to run and cycle.No one can disagree when we say that Central Park is also the most picturesque workout location in the Big Apple.

It’s surrounded by some of New York’s most iconic architectural wonders, giving you a breathtaking view while you work up a sweat. These include the Dakota, the Beresford, and the iconic San Remo.

When many of these buildings were originally built they were some of the tallest in the city, and as you run around the park you can see how New York’s architectural skyline has changed. Today, New York’s skyscrapers dwarf the old buildings with more structures going up every year.

Yoreevo reports that in 2015 over 13,500 buildings were recorded as being over six stories, and as the site puts it, these buildings have had a “significant impact on the city”.

As you exercise you can see their impact, and tick off the famous old and new buildings that have come to symbolize New York. If the history of NYC interests you, here is a list of the best podcasts for New Yorkers that you can listen to while exercising.

Governors Island

This hidden gem is only 800 meters away from Manhattan and is the best place to be if you want to enjoy long relaxing hours on your bike—you can either bring yours or rent one from the Citi Bike.

Downtown Boathouse offers kayaks that you can rent for a fun upper body workout. Time Out notes working out is one of the few best things to do on Governors Island, alongside biking and camping.

Hudson River Park

The park is the longest riverfront park in the United States and has become one the most loved urban recreational destinations in NYC.

It has become a popular choice, too, for fitness lovers who are looking for intense workout sessions like the Sweat Sessions or the Fitness Bootcamp hosted by Ruel Davis. The fitness activities at the Hudson River Park are often free, too.

Of course, exercising isn’t the only way to get fit and stay healthy. You also need to make sure you maintain a balanced diet. On Complete Body we found out that healthy people do things differently: they make plans, they don’t make excuses, they do extensive research, and they avoid fads—a few things you might want to remember in your journey to healthier living.

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