The Unexpected Benefits Of Personal Training

Most people think personal training is just for fitness newbies. But it’s not only for people who are inexperienced in the gym or looking to lose weight. In fact, there are lots of benefits to having a personal trainer that extend beyond simply getting a fitness plan. It’s about way more than working with someone who’ll tell you what to do. Here are a few of the more unexpected benefits of personal training…

Complimentary Nutritional Guidance

A personal trainer will look at every aspect of your health, not just fitness. Nutrition plays a fundamental role in achieving your health goals. In fact, poor nutrition can even undermine your progress, to the point where you see zero results.

This is why our trainers take a holistic approach that involves providing nutritional advice as well as training programs. They can tell you exactly which foods will compliment your fitness routine, and help support the achievement of your end goals. They can even supply meal plans or individual recipes. By aligning a sound dietary regime with your overall target, your trainer ensures that everything is working together so you see results much faster.

Personal Training Benefits

Skin In The Game

Investing in personal training means you have skin in the game. When you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on something you’re much more likely to follow through. This makes is harder to walk away or not give your best, since it’ll feel like your investment is wasted. Interestingly, most people don’t have the discipline to stick with a program when it’s free. However when they pay to do or attend something, they actually take action and do it.

Online fitness videos are a great example… Whilst there are endless workout videos available on YouTube, the fact that they don’t cost anything often means people don’t value them. This means they don’t think anything of skipping them or stopping halfway through. Since they haven’t paid anything to watch them, so don’t lose anything by not completing them. But paying for personal training is guaranteed to ensure you actually follow through with your workouts.

External Accountability

When you work with a personal trainer, you become accountable to someone other than yourself. This is an incredibly powerful benefit, which vastly increases your chances of successfully achieving your goals. As we mentioned in our article 5 Tips To Actually Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution, you have a 65% chance of achieving your goal if you commit to someone else. These odds increase even further to 95% if you have accountability appointments, such as sessions booked in with a personal trainer.

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More Fun

Personal trainers sometimes have a bad reputation as hard task masters who’ll push you beyond your limits – but they’re loads of fun too! Training with someone else can be a lot more enjoyable than working out solo. The social aspect is one of the most underrated benefits of the gym or group exercise classes. But sharing a laugh and a joke is what makes it even more entertaining. Personal trainers will drive you to achieve more than you achieve possible, but in a way that makes it fun – so that you want to keep returning again and again!

Real Life Inspiration

Personal trainers are often hugely inspiring people. It’s their job to encourage and motivate you to exceed your own expectations. They’ll dig you out of a fitness rut, or push you to set higher goals and broaden your horizons. They’ve often been on their own health journey and can share practical advice on how to overcome obstacles. They may seem like fitness machines, but they’re also people with their own stories, who are often an amazing source of inspiration.

Specific Results Beyond Weight Loss

A personal trainer can help you with more than weight loss. Not only can they help you burn fat and become leaner, but they can actually sculpt your body. They know exactly how to target and balance different muscle groups, to achieve your ideal body shape. So whether you want that V-shaped back or leaner calves, a PT knows exactly which exercises will achieve it.

They can also assist you with sports-specific training. If you’ve signed up for a marathon but don’t know where to start, or love triathlons and want to improve your race times, a PT can help. They can even guide you on developing the right mindset, or offer practical tips that aren’t related to exercise (such as making time for exercise or meal prep).

Want To Give Personal Training A Try?

If you want to kick start your new fitness routine with expert guidance, then make an appointment with one of our specialist personal trainers. Your first session allows them to assess and evaluate exactly how your body is performing. They’ll then create a completely customized CompleteBody personal training program based on your specific needs and goals. Click here to make an appointment.

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