This year the goal you set, is the goal you’ll achieve


Get Started

In order to achieve your goal you need the tools to get there. Purchase our $49 Weight Loss Kickstarter package and you’ll be set up to get it done this year.

InBody Analysis

CompleteBody uses the InBody 170, which provides the easiest, quickest and most precise body composition analysis in the world.

Personal Training & CBXT

You’ll meet with one of our top professionals to assess your needs and fitness level, based on those results - we map a plan for you to reach your goals. We design a kickstarter program for you. Bonus: You also receive one free CBXT class - our 1,000 calorie burning workout!

Nutritional Guideline

Proper nutrition is crucial for your success. With your kickstarter package you’ll receive a basic nutritional guideline and tips on how to follow it.

Exclusive Offer Available Until January 31st, 2017!

Some restrictions may apply, non refundable.

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