CompleteBody Covid-19 Guideline

While coronavirus is still around, this is how our gym keeps members safe.

The main thing on everyone’s mind when they go to a gym these days is, “Am I going to be safe from Covid.“

The first thing you’ll notice when you approach any Complete Body gym is that they have signage and precautions as well as guidelines on the doors to their facility. Masks must be worn in order to enter the building.  In other words you can’t even enter a complete body without Being given instruction on their protocols.

The first thing you have to do is scan a QR code with your phone which leads you to a health declaration form. This means that in order to enter the Silletti you are signing your name to a form stating that you currently I do not have any symptoms nor have you been exposed to anybody that has come down with COVID-19.

Complete by CompleteBody Signage - Front Desk and Signage
Complete by CompleteBody 14 Street Front Desk and Signage

After submitting this form your phone goes to a green-colored screen that you show to the front desk personnel in order to enter the facility. After scanning your membership card and presenting the green screen on your phone, your temperature is taken using an instant-read thermometer. Assuming you don’t have a temperature you then can enter the facility and get ready for your workout.

Throughout the gym you will notice on the floor there are stickers indicating 6 feet apart would be for social distancing purposes this allows you to move throughout the facility without coming in close contact with anyone. Next, you’ll notice disinfectant bottles as well as hand sanitizer. The disinfectant bottles are used for cleaning up equipment and there are signs indicating that you should clean the equipment before during and after each use. This keeps the likelihood of transmission at a minimum.

Sure, it’s not fun to think about getting sick while trying to go to the gym and be healthy. However, The numbers show that very few people are contracting Covid from going to the gym when these procedures are in place.

CompleteBody Signage - 6 ft apart
CompleteBody Signage

The best thing we can do is use common sense. If we’re not feeling well that’s not a time to go to the gym, ever. On the other hand, if we are feeling well and want to stay healthy we absolutely must exercise. Thankfully, Complete Body has put all of these practices into place to make the gym-going experience as safe as possible under difficult circumstances that we are all facing.

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