We are complete!

What makes CompleteBody Fitness and Wellness Clubs unique?

At CompleteBody Fitness and Wellness, the difference is our approach, our philosophy, and more importantly, our dedication to YOU!

With so many choices to find a place to call home for health and fitness, CompleteBody has continually been winning the hearts and bodies of our clients over the last 10 years, by providing fitness and training programs that combine the best Eastern and Western techniques from around the world. We include holistic relaxation and wellness treatments that rejuvenate the body, a healthy full service juice bar for proper nutrition, and a first rate physical therapy team to ensure that our clients and members can safely and effectively achieve their fitness goals.  This “Complete” approach produces the kind of results for YOU that make being fit and healthy not just a goal but a LIFESTYLE.

Like the different neighborhoods in New York City, our locations have personalities on their own, allowing us to provide the level of service and excellence that our clients not only want but also deserve.  As larger chain clubs lose sight of this, we pride ourselves on our ability to break away from the cookie cutter clubs and instead provide an enjoyable atmosphere that keeps you coming back for more! 

At CompleteBody you will know and feel like you BELONG!


Our philosophy

Our philosophy

CompleteBody programs build on the proponents of creating a COMPLETE body, using holistic techniques from both Eastern and Western cultures.

Founder Alex Reznik, with a “no-pain/no gain” perspective in his years as an elite fitness trainer for the Russian military, changed his attitude after working with Deepak Chopra and drawing insights from time spent at the Chopra Center. He created the CompleteBody system to reflect enhancing and maintaining the body through a collaboration of elements, all essential to achieving health and wellness.

The CompleteBody System includes the Six Essential Elements: Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, Nutrition, Meditation and Rest.

We approach fitness and well-being from a stance of preventative and proactive measures, offering customized solutions to fit needs of every individual.

Our History

Our History!

Founded in 1995, CompleteBody has grown under the constant vision and expertise of Alex Reznik. 

Founder Alex Reznik started CompleteBody Personal Training Based on six essential elements: (Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, Nutrition, Meditation and Rest).  With this philosophy, CompleteBody opened its first commercial location at 80 John Street in New York City and shortly thereafter expanded into providing upscale residential buildings, management for their fitness centers.

Understanding the need for safety and longevity, Physical Therapy became an integral part of CompleteBody's Philosophy and is currently offered full time at both the Upper East Side location as well as at the newest 30,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art  facility in the Financial District. 

These components of health and well-being have manifested themselves into a corporate philosophy that has grown CompleteBody from a one-on-one provider of private wellness services, to a boutique training studio, to a corporation with multiple commercial locations and a management division operating private facilities around the world.