CompleteBody believes health, wellness, beauty and mind are implicitly linked. We have created the ultimate oasis with you in mind, where our team of professionals utilizes the latest techniques to give you a unique experience that will enhance your well-being and enrich your soul. Every treatment at CompleteBody Spa is designed specifically for you and your personal needs.

Our estheticians begin each treatment with a systematic analysis of your skin to reveal its specific health and beauty needs, then through a fusion of effective know-how techniques and aesthetic expertise our wellness treatments will help you reach a state of tranquility and mindfulness.



You can choose to enhance any facial experience and nourish your skin by adding any of these add ons: CBD Treatment, Eye contouring Japanese treatment with mesoporation machine, Mesoporation Japanese treatment (face + neck), Organic Power Enzyme Peel, and Probiotic kombucha skin mask.

Complete Glow Facial Using Naturopathica Products
Our esthetician will begin with a lymphatic brushing followed by a detailed sculpting massage with probiotic Cleansing Balm to release facial tension and stress, improve blood flow, and nourish your skin’s microbiome. 

Naturopathica Brightening Cherry Facial 
Brighten up with an exfoliating peel that helps brighten and smooth sun-damaged skin. Sweet Cherry Puree is a vitamin-rich anti-inflammatory while Resveratrol helps brighten and even skin tone. Paired with our signature Nathurapathica facial and microcurrent treatment, this will leave you noticeably hydrated and glowing.

Available at Our 14 Street, Financial District & Midtwon East locations


COMPLETE massages incorporate essential oil treatments to induce deep relaxation. Each massage uses a “touch” technique with the intent of combining science and art focused on the relationship between caring and healing. Each style of massage assures tension release, circulation enhancement and overall wellness of the body and the soul.

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Prenatal Massage

Sports Massage

Medical Massage

Hot Stone Massage

CBD Massage

Available at Our 14 Street, Financial District & Midtwon East locations


At COMPLETE we use Cryotherapy to help accelerate your muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and boost collagen production. Using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness, a Complete Cryotherapy session provides whole body cryotherapy as a fast and effective alternative to traditional ice baths. 

The cryotherapy chamber fills with nitrogen vapor and a dry chill that drops the ambient temperature to a range of -130ºF to -184ºF. As your body responds to the rapidly cooling temperatures, it starts a chain of physiological reactions that increases circulation, healing, detoxification and regeneration.


• Reduces inflammation and soreness
• Increases energy and reduces fatigue
• Boosts blood circulation
• Improves muscle and joint function
• Allows for more vigorous exercise
• Improves immune function
• Improved skin quality, Reduced cellulite
• Fewer blemishes


• Robe

• Socks

• Gloves

• Slippers

• Bottoms (underwear)

•Sports bra (women optional)


*We provide all of the above except for undergarments

Available at Our Complete 14 Street Location


Ingredients we use for facials


Wellness treatments are not only a matter of beauty but also a matter of health. They have stress-reducing effects and can also strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and remove toxins.

Clean & Fresh

Our spa not only looks clean and tidy but equipment, workspaces, and tools used in the spa are also properly disinfected every day. When it comes to the health and safety of our clients, there’s no such thing as cutting corners on proper sanitation. Especially in these day and age

High End Products

Only the highest quality products are used in our skincare services


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