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How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated And Replenished

Skin being one of the biggest sense organs of the body needs utmost care. Most of the times we tend to forget to take care of the skin, especially in the case of men. We forget the skin is one of the essential organs in the body. It serves the role of protecting the body from harmful chemicals and microbes, regulates body temperature through sweating and helps in the synthesis of vitamin D. We all envy a smooth, radiant skin, but few people put the effort of attaining a perfect skin tone. Next, we reveal tips that can help you get a desirable skin.



Intake of required levels of water can help maintain a wrinkle free skin. Water is also vital for survival and replenishing of skin cells. Our bodies regularly lose water through excretion, intake of at least 3.2 liters for men and 2.6 liters is an assertion of all dermatologists. too cold or too hot water could impact your health negatively therefore, you need to ensure you are taking enough water that is adequate temperature. In order to maintain the temperature for longer, it is advisable you carry a Stainless steel insulated water bottle that is BPA free. The beauty of the bottle is in it being BPA free and can maintain the right temperature for you..

Eat Well


If you are looking towards great skin, you will have to avoid sugar, deep-fried foods, and dairy products. Sugar is known to be a food source for bacteria, causes skin pores plugging and ages the skin. Deep fried foods contain oxidized oil which is toxic to the skin. Food options that can help vitalize your skin are foods rich in omega-3 oils, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Use Moisturizers

You don’t need to have dry and flaky skin before you start using moisturizers. Protecting your skin from dehydration and irritation must be a priority always. Coconut oil is a preferred natural moisturizer.

Sleep Well and Relax When Tired

sleep well

Proper rest is a prerequisite for the functioning of any body organ. Rest helps counter stress and enhances productivity. Fatigue, on the other hand, leads to reduced body functioning and pressure on the body. The consequence of stress and tension are mental illnesses, heart problems and a fast rate of aging leading to wrinkles.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking


You always feel thirsty and tired after a night out drinking alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates and depletes the body of vital nutrients. Smoking, on the other hand, increases the rate of aging. It also inhibits the supply of vitamin A to blood cells; as a result, hinders the ability of the skin to prevent the entry of bacteria and infections.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun


Exposure of the skin to extreme light can lead to cracking of the skin and aging. Sun’s rays also dry the oil layer covering and protecting the skin. Severe consequences of sunlight rays are skin cancer. Use of sunscreen with at least SPF 15 can help prevent penetration of the intense rays. Other recommended measures are the use of caps and umbrellas especially when the sun is extreme. You can also consider putting on protective outfit, for example, long sleeve shirts and blouses can help prevent arms exposure. Lighter clothing colors are less protective than the darker colors.


Exfoliation is more harm than good to the skin. A common belief is, it helps remove dead skin and cleans any bacteria from the skin. Dermatologists do not recommend exfoliation. The understanding is, the skin exfoliates naturally after every one month. Exfoliation involves the use of chemicals or brushes to remove dead and flaky skin. The short term benefits are glossy skin.

Too much exfoliation can, however, result in dry and irritated skin. If you have to exfoliate, be gentle on the skin. Also use natural exfoliants like honey, sugar, lemon juice and yogurt. Natural exfoliants are affordable, skin and environmentally friendly.

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