Why Celebs Love Working Out at this Manhattan Gym

Celebrities can be choosy when it comes to places they go for fitness. So when celebrities tend to frequent a Manhattan gym, we think it’s worth talking about. Fortunately for us, several celebrities choose CompleteBody as the place to train (see our list of celebrity guests below).

What makes our Manhattan Gyms a celeb favorite?

19th street gym

Well, location, for one thing. Some celebs who live elsewhere train here while on location for a movie, for example. Others are New Yorkers who choose CompleteBody for their home gyms. Amenities, privacy, and equipment also likely top the list of reasons celebs might choose one Manhattan Gym over any other.

But mostly, celebrities frequent CompleteBody because we’re serious about getting in shape, and so are they. Celebs can come and know they will get what they need here. It could mean preparing for upcoming roles, or just being around people who are committed to movement, strength, and exercise.

For example, Keanu Reeves (ActorThe Matrix) and Ruby Rose (ActressOrange Is The New Black) chose our Hanover Square Manhattan Gym location to get into peak condition for their action film, John Wick 2.

According to Reeve’s trainer, Patrick Murphy, Reeve’s fitness regimen for John Wick 2 required him to work around some of his injuries that have developed over the years. In an article in Esquire, Murphy said the regimen consisted of stabilizing his joints and tightening up. Reeve’s is in his fifties now, and John Wick 2 included many stunts and fight scenes.

Keanu Reeves
Photo Cred: Marybellpp Creative Commons 2

Similarly, Ruby Rose shared in Elle Magazine a bit about her fitness routine in preparation for roles in John Wick 2, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and xXx: Return of Xander Cage. It included working out seven days a week doing a lot of strength training.

Ruby Rose
Photo Cred: Magnus Manske Creative Commons 2 License.

Check out the John Wick 2 movie trailer and you’ll see why these two hollywood stars needed to be in such great shape.

Celebrities who’ve worked out at CompleteBody

Reeves and Rose aren’t the only celebs who’ve selected a CompleteBody Gym to get ready for various roles and events.

Our 19th Street Gym in Chelsea – dubbed “Manhattan’s Only Authentic Bodybuilding Gym” – has gotten visits from celebrities, includes Shane McMahon (Part-time pro-wrestler and son of Vince McMahon), Jennifer Grey (Actress – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing), and Eka Darville (Actor – Power Rangers, RPM).

Marc Jacobs (fashion designer), Sally Field (Actress – Forrest Gump), and Anderson Cooper (television journalist) also work out at our Manhattan bodybuilding gym in Chelsea. Leslie Jones (SNL, Actress) frequently shares her workouts from 19th Street on Instagram, which are hilarious by the way! Go check here out Leslie Jones

When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Actor & pro-wrestler) is in town filming, he trains at the 19th Street Gym. In an April 2017 Instagram post, he referred to it as “a hard core basement gym that doesn’t f*ck around.”

The Rock at the gym
Source: Instagram/@therock

Charlie Cox (Actor – Daredevil TV Series) also frequents the 19th Street Gym. In the series, Cox plays Matt Murdoch (Daredevil), a superhero known for an insane ability to scale walls and beat villains in hand to hand combat. The role requires him to be in great shape – flexible, agile, and strong, and the character is known for having an impressive physique. In one scene, Elektra Natchios (played by Elodie Yung) asks, “Have you been working out, by the way?” We can say yes to that.

Hanover Street Manhattan Gym

19th Street isn’t the only CompleteBody Gym getting attention from celebrities. 50 Cent trained at our Hanover Street location with an independent trainer. The rapper is well-known for his incredible physique and fitness regimen. In fact, he was once on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine (June 2015).

Editors at Muscle and Fitness devoted an entire article to 50 Cent’s “7 Move Fine-Tuned Workout Routine”, which covered a number of exercises typical of the rapper’s workouts. Bbag work, battling ropes, pushups, dumbbells, and jump ropes are among the type of exercises commonly found in his workouts. Supersets and control play big roles in ensuring the routines get maximum output.

50 cent at the gym
Photo Cred: Material Scientist Creative Commons 2 License.

CompleteBody Gym: Celeb Influence

Downtown Gym

3 Fitness Tips from Celebrities

Inspired by The Rock or 50 Cent’s incredible body and commitment to fitness? You can get in shape and be at the top of your game, too. Check out these three tips from celebrities on ways to maximize your fitness potential.

  • Wear a heart monitor – Hugh Jackman. Jackman says that he wears a heart monitor while lifting and doesn’t let it fall below 140.
  • Use a bike. Vin Diesel. Diesel says that “one of the first things [he does] on location or on a vacation is to get a bike.” That’s definitely one way to keep yourself moving.
  • Train faster. Arnold Schwarzenegger suggests that training quickly – going through sets without stopping and with a higher number of repetitions helped him after he stopped competing.

CompleteBody has a history of celebrity connections in addition to its current appeal. Alex Reznik, the owner of CompleteBody, was a “celeb trainer” before it was a popular term. His clients included Valentino and Deepak Chopra.

While working together, Chopra influenced Alex towards a more balanced approach to wellness. This is actually what shaped the CompleteBody brand into what it is today, including its Six Essential Elements and its approach to “fitness and well-being from a stance of preventative and proactive measures.”

CompleteBody’s Six Essential Elements are Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, Nutrition, Meditation, and Rest.

If you’d like to take advantage of a Free Trial at one of CompleteBody’s 3 Manhattan locations, email info@completebody.com, you never know who you’ll bump into.

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